Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pharmaceutical Fermenters

I have recently been looking at ControlDraw models for  large scale Pharmaceutical Fermenter Units from 4 different companies. All are broadly similar
I cannot publish them because because they are confidential, agreements signed!
However I have summarised them using some statistics from the models. (Click to enlarge)

Some differences are immediately apparent.
Why is the IO Count for Client 3 so low? This is because they do not use limit switches on their valves. This is something I have never understood as it seems to me that any cost savings would be obliterated by the downtime cause by the inablity to quickly diagnose valve failures.
Why do  Clients 1 and 3 have so many parameters? I think that this is in part because they do not distinguish between critical parameters (that can be changed to define the product or CIP ) and other parameters

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